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CamperJam 2012 – Weston Park

CamperJam is one of our favourite VW events of the year (see CamperJam 2011 for last years event) and 2012 was no exception despite the appalling weather trying hard to spoil everything.


Tallulah at CamperJam 2012

We arrived at Weston Park slightly later than planned due to the intense rain and some flood related diversions, and the first task was so find our club camping area. That was reasonably straight forward, but our second task was to get to it without getting bogged down and stuck in the rapidly widening muddy patches.

Unfortunately we failed, but not before we got close enough to our fellow Brazilian VW Bay campers for a helpful push with only minor mud splattering and no damage. Others were not so lucky and there were several tractors being kept busy pulling out stranded campers for most of the evening.



We had friends staying so our awning needed to be put up between rain showers and all that was left after that was to have a few drinks and turn in for the night.

Saturday was much brighter and mostly dry, but most of the camping fields, the show arena and trade areas were already mud baths so the only thing to do was to pull on our Wellington boots and join the fun!

One of the entertainment marquees sprung a leak over the stage, so the Saturday evening entertainment was less than expected, but the Brazilian VW Bay team were fully prepared with the setup used at The Kombi Sleepover a few weeks before and the choons played out from our own event shelter into the small hours while flavoured vodkas were passed around.


The Brazi Bunch in Fancy Dress

Sunday morning brought the best weather of the weekend, just in time for everyone to pack up, but at least some of the boggiest routes began to dry out and made the exodus much less hassle. That said, everyone watched the first few campers leave with interest, trying too spot potential ‘sticky’ points and the tractors remained busy throughout the day.

In all, CamperJam was a very damp and muddy affair, but it takes a lot to dampen the spirits of die hard VW fans and most people still had fun.

We ave already booked our tickets for CamperJam 2013 – can’t wait!


Brazilian VW Bay Club Camping

PS: many thanks to the event paramedics an who looked after our son in his hour of need.
PPS: thanks also to the Brazi Bay Crew for the use of images.

Farm Fest, Bruton

For the last few years we have been regulars at the IoW Festival however, now that we have Tallulah we have been to several VW shows and decided to investigate a smaller, more kiddy friendly music festival instead.

There are plenty to choose from (i didnt realise quite how many!) but we chose Farm Festival nr Bruton as it had some good reviews, was convenient for us and some friends in terms of location and dates and was very reasonably priced for campervan tickets – £35 per adult and £15 for a campervan.

With Tallulah loaded we headed west to Bath to visit friends/family then headed south from there to the site.

The campervan field was at the very top of the festival site and we chose the far edge of the field as it was slightly flatter and less exposed, in the shelter of a large hedge and even larger tree.

We put up our awning and unpacked everything we needed then waited for our friends to arrive. It didn’t take long for our son to make friends so with him happy we opened the first of several ciders!

The music started a little later at which point we went for walk too see what was what.

Everything mentioned on the web site was indeed present, 4 stages (actually 1 main stage and 3 other very small ones inside marquees, all quirkily decorated) lots for the kids to do, local produce etc, and one or two extras, however it was far from the largest festival we had ever been to.

That said, size isn’t everything, and it meant that everything was very close and we could let the kids roam free without ever losing sight of them.

The music was good even though we had only ever heard of two of the bands listed, and there really was plenty for the kids throughout the weekend.

There seemed to be two main groups at the event; mid thirties couples with young kids and mid to late teens on a mission to drink as much as possible.

Everyone was very friendly and in good spirits and we thoroughly enjoyed our weekend, however this was partly due to the friends we had staying in our awning and we probably wouldn’t go again unless taking friends with us.

In all, a small but very well organised festival, great for kids and very relaxing when with friends, and all at a very reasonable price – other festival organisers should take note!