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Fforest Fields, Powys, Wales

We were meeting some friends at Fforest Fields camp site on Friday but decided to arrive on Thursday so we could have a good look around and enjoy the wonderful Welsh countryside. All went to plan except for the weather, but wind and rain can’t stop the smiles and fun with Tallulah!!

The rolling hills of mid-Wales

After a stop-over in Cheltenham and a quick re-stock of supplies, we headed NW and crossed the border into Wales near Kington and arrived on site at around 4pm. We received a very warm welcome and were shown to an all-weather pitch – the weather was due to be soggy – with space around it where our friends could pitch their tents.

After sorting ourselves out, leveling Tallulah and plugging her in, we went for a wander in the beautiful surroundings before the wet and windy conditions arrived – expected early evening. As it happened, the rain never really came to much, but it was more than made up for by VERY strong winds. Luckily, our sun canopy had been kept tucked away in it’s bag, but we also opted to lower Tallulah’s roof in the interests of a decent nights sleep.

Feeding time

In the morning we made our normal bacon and eggs breakfast and after a quick tidy up and shower etc we set out on another exploration adventure, this time heading along a marked trail toward the all important ‘pub’. It was a around a mile away cross-country, but we were in no hurry, taking time to explore along the route.

A top-up of fluids in the pub and a chat to the landlord before heading back to the site, just in time for the first of our friends to arrive. The rest of the afternoon and evening was taken up with pitching tents, cooking a meal for 15 and preparing for the following days BIG adventure.

Saturday morning greeted us with brilliant sunshine, and just as well given what some of our friends were about to put themselves through! They were running as a 3 man team in the annual Man vs Horse race in Llanwrtyd Wells, a mere 22 miles cross-country against 300 or so other teams or runners and 50+ horses!

Man vs Horse 2012

Our team finished a very respectable 102nd in around 3 hrs 20 mins and the race was won by a horse. You might think this was to be expected, especially given the heavy going conditions, but the fastest human runner at this years event actually won outright, beating all other humans and horses back in 2004.

After a well deserved rest and some refreshments we all headed back to the site for another group camping meal and enjoyed the evening sun and a few games with the kids.

The following morning was simply a case of packing everything up and  heading out on the long, but very enjoyable drive back to Berkshire.

Tallulah enjoying the evening sun

A great few days, despite the weather, and an amazing experience to watch man and horse doing battle. A great camp site too, with lots of space and things to do as well as great facilities. There’s a better than average chance we will be back at the same time next year!


Folly Farm Cotswold Campsite

Tallulah arrived in Reading late on Thursday evening so we spent Friday (after work) and Saturday morning loading and prepping for our first adventure….

We had decided to head west to the Cotswolds, not only because it’s a beautiful part of the country but because we had some additional supplies to collect from Cheltenham.

While Tallulah is more than capable of travelling at the regulation 70mph along the motorway she is much happier cruising leisurely at 40-50mph on A roads, so off we went ‘cross country’ watching the wonderful scenery float by.

We reached Cheltenham around 1pm, had a break for lunch then loaded up the last few bits and headed for a recommended camp site.

After a quick call once on the move we discovered that the recommended campsite was yet to open for the season (should probably have called before heading out) so after another ‘pit stop’ in a pub car park on the A40 and a look at the map, we chose another local campsite and made another call.

Result! Although not officially open for the 2011 season, Folly Farm Cotswold Campsite were busy getting everything ready for opening at Easter and agreed to let us in for the night – I think secretly they just wanted to meet Tallulah!

We pulled onto the site around 4pm and were all set up and eating our dinner around Tallulah’s table an hour or so later.

The campsite had all of the required facilities although the builders were due back in a day or two to finish off the new shower/toilet/wash block and in the mean time it was a bit muddy were the work was being carried out.

We had a reasonable nights sleep although Oli (age 5) was simply so excited at the prospect of sleeping ‘in the roof’ that it took him quite a while to actually sleep!

All packed up and on the road again by 11am for an even more leisurely cruise home, stopping at the occasional village (Bourton-on-the-Water, Wallingford & Pangbourne) to stretch our legs and arriving home safely around 2pm.

So, 320km (200miles) done and the first of many nights completed, time to plan our next adventure.