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Dub Aid 3, Charlton Park, Wiltshire



The new VW show season is upon us and locally (ish) that starts with Dub Aid near Malmesbury in Wiltshire.

We arrived on site at around 7.30pm, just a few minutes after another club member (andhoops) and proceeded in convoy around the edge of the camping field – apparently too boggy to cross directly to our pitch – where we spotted the Brazilian flag and parked.With most of the country stuck in what appeared to be a never ending winter we left Reading heading West at around with some trepidation and as many warm (and waterproof) clothes as we could find. There would be no hookup at the event site so keeping warm and dry would be critical.

After a brief catchup with fellow Brazilian VW Bay members and a cuppa, we set off on foot toexplore with Wellington boots and thermal socks being put to good use. We

IMG_2722found the entertainment marquee and bar and enjoyed a few pints of mulled cider while listening to some local bands.

It had been raining consistently for most of the day, and although it was much lighter during the early evening, it became much heavier again as we settled in for the night, leaving the event organisers with some tough decisions for the morning.

Saturday morning brought us some blue skies and sun and the ground appeared to be drying out however as so much rain had fallen on Friday and during the night it would need to stay that way for the whole day to make any significant difference. The event organisers were therefore forced into the decision to close the event to day visitors and any new arrivals and hope that things might improve enough for Sunday visitors.

We sorted breakfast and spent the rest of the morning completing several laps of the show arena to look at the few trade stands that had made it in before the gates had closed and generally had a good look around, then with wise words and encouragement we helped our fellow crew members erect their sun canopy – just in time to shelter from more rain showers!


After lunch we attended the charity auction which with better weather would have been the highlight of the day, but with so few people it did well to raise approx £1,100 for Great Ormond Street Hospital – we didn’t bid on anything although we tempted by a large cake!

The skies were once again full of grey clouds so it was looking less and less likely the show would be open on the Sunday, so with a few hours to kill before the Saturday night entertainment would start and having seen everything there was to see, we made the decision to head home while it was still light and while there were still a few blades of grass for grip to get out of the field.

We packed and made our way to the edge of the field, then with a helping hand from the Brazi Bay crew, a toot and a wave and we were on our way. The journey home was no walk in the park either, rain, sleet, snow, driving rain and high winds, we saw just about everything except sun on the way back to Reading.

The event organisers had done a fab job planning and getting everything ready, only for all of their hard work to be undone by the great British weather.

Kombi Sleepover 2012, Anita’s Caravan Park

We attended the inaugural Kombi Sleepover last year and were happy to be 1 of the 13 Brazilian VW Bays to go along, however this year there was a MUCH greater buzz on the owners forum (www.brazilianvwbay.com) which itself had more than doubled in size, to the extent that we were looking at upwards of 30 Brazilian Campers attending!

Early Arrivals @ The Kombi Sleepover

We arrived on site at around 6.30pm and the organisers had already been busy setting up their event shelter and marking out ‘lanes’ to ensure everyone attending had enough space, while leaving room for other activities in the camping field that had been planned for the following day.

Within a few minutes we were pitched, leveled and plugged in with the kettle on and ready to wander round and say hello to everyone. A few more campers arrived while we were chatting and within an hour or so there were 17 Brazilian Kombis parked up – we had already beaten last years number!

Tallulah ready for viewing!

There were no fixed plans for Friday evening but we did give the local pub landlord an early Christmas present, arriving en-mass to watch the Germany/Greece game and have a few drinks.

For once the weather was playing along, so after breakfast we spent the morning tidying and preening Tallulah ready for anyone who wanted to come and take a look. There was a trophy up for grabs for “Star Kombi” voted on by everyone attending, so we then headed off to take a look at all the others.

The field is filling nicely

By 2pm there were more than 30 Kombis parked up, the field looked amazing with all the different colours, and it was time for everyone to enjoy the day with various activities:

  • Tech Workshop
  • Rounders – air-cooled vs water-cooled
  • Kombi Cooking Demo
  • VW Swap Shop and charity auction
  • Hire Company Q&A and pre-dinner drinks – (hosted by Tallulah with Brazilian cocktails!)
  • Kombi Quiz
  • Star Kombi Awards
  • 70s Disco

The day went without a hitch, the weather tried (and failed!) to dampen proceedings early evening, but the revelry continued until well past midnight. There would be some soar heads in the morning….

The campsite takes orders for fresh baked breakfast each morning, just the thing after a late night, which saved some time and allowed everyone to get packed up ready for the final activity before heading home – The Rainbow Kombi Nation photo shoot.

A few needed to leave early so we were left with 29 for the shoot and the results speak for themselves!

The Rainbow Kombi Nation

Everyone is now looking forward to next years event, think we might need a bigger field!