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VolksWorld Show, Sandown Park, Esher

Although Tallulah has been out a couple of times already this year, this was our first family outing, attending what is also one of the the first VW shows of the year, VolksWorld Show at Sandown Park in Esher – and what an amazing show it was!

We left Reading while the sun was only just peeking above the horizon to the East and the mist was still clinging to the trees as it does early on spring mornings. As you might expect, there was very little traffic on the roads at that time so before long we had caught up with Scooby, another Brazilian VW Kombi, heading to the same event.

Brazilian VW Bay @ VolksWorld 2012

The reason for the early start (aside from simply beating the traffic) was that we weren’t just attending VolksWorld, we were helping out by displaying on the Brazilian VW Bay club stand with 4 other VW campers, Scooby included. After a short coffee break at the rendez vous with the other Kombis, we headed off in convoy to the showground, queued for a short while to get in, then went about setting up our display as the sun cleared the remaining mist patches and got on with  making everyone smile.

All of the Brazilian campers looked amazing and generated lots of interest from other owners, prospective owners and VW enthusiasts who were intrigued how something so new could also look so ‘retro’ – lots of conversations were had about the improved reliability and fuel economy you get with the new Brazilian campers.

VW T1 Prototype

We made time for ourselves to look around the rest of the show, visit several of the trade stands to ‘catch-up’ with a few friends and acquaintances and generally enjoy the amazing weather and show atmosphere. There was a great selection of show’n’shine vehicles to look at and one or two VERY special ones brought over from Germany specifically for the show. The first was an original VW Beetle prototype (originally this was known as the T1, it only became known as the Beetle much much later), but even more impressive was the 110mph Type 64 K10, designed by Ferdinand Porsche for the Berlin to Rome race in 1939. The race never actually ran due to WWII and the insurance cost to bring this vehicle to the show was said to be in the region of £1 million.

Type 64 K10 - Designed by Ferdinand Porsche

We were staying with friends overnight and were back at the show the following day with three of the display vans from Saturday being replaced by a selection of vans of different colours, and although a little less busy it was another fantastic day with great weather and an amazing atmosphere. We were also visited by Martin Dorey, author, surfer and TV presenter – ‘One Man and His Campervan’, ‘The Campervan Cookbook’ – who declined the offer of a campervan cooked pancake, but did have a good look around Tallulah, signed a copy of his book and hung around for a photo shoot. What a nice chap, thanks Martin!

The journey home was uneventful, but it reminded us of the adventures we have already had in our van, as well as what new capers we will have this year and in the future as the summer approaches.



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