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VanFest, 3 Counties Showground

VanFest (www.vanfest.org) is the largest VW transporter show in the world, attracting many thousands of vehicles, fans and enthusiasts and is held at the Three Counties Showground near Malvern.

We had booked tickets a while ago and were camping on the Brazilian VW Bay club pitch with a few other Brazi Bay owners as well as Serena’s dad and brother on their non-VW motorhome.

We left Reading as planned at 4.30pm Friday heading for Cheltenham to collect the in-laws, then on to Malvern. We made good time, arrived on site and were pitched by 7.30. No awning to worry about this time, we were ‘wild camping’ with nothing but Tallulah and a pitch and had packed accordingly leaving all our electrical accessories at home – not even a phone charger!

How happy were we when my brother-in-law announced he had borrowed a generator and asked if we wanted to hook-up! Still, at least we could keep our beer cold.

Just a spot of food, a few drinks and a short exploratory wander on the Friday night. Diva Fever, Right Said Fred and Bucks Fizz were all performing in the main marquee but we decided just to listen from a distance.

Saturday morning saw us checking out some of the trade stalls as there were a few things we wanted to look at, back to the pitch for lunch then off again to look at some more – there were plenty to look at!

After a great meal cooked in our van – thinking about entering ‘cooking in your camper’ if we attend next year – we headed out again to check out some of the free entertainment.

Unfortunately we didn’t get far as the excellent weather we had seen up until then suddenly broke and there was a torrential downpour that sent people dashing for cover wherever they could find it. Even the most weather proof awnings and tents were suffering under the torrent of water but thankfully it reduced to just ‘heavy rain’ after 10mins or so.

It didn’t dampen our spirits though, we dried ourselves off, pulled on our wellies and rain coats and went out again.

Sunday morning was brilliant sunshine once again and everything was drying out nicely. We spent a while looking at all the ‘show and shine’ vehicles, watched a VW 4wd display and took one last wander through the trade stalls to pick up a few things we had spotted the day before.

All in all it was an excellent weekend with family and friends, and despite the somewhat soggy bit in the middle, VanFest was well worth the visit – a few new goodies to test out on our next trip too.

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