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Sidmouth Folk Festival

Another regular event for us but the first with Tallulah is Sidmouth Folk Festival.

It runs for 8 days starting the last weekend of July and even without buying tickets for the festival itself, there is plenty to see and do in Sidmouth all week.

For the last few years we have stayed at Thorn Park Golf Centre in Salcombe Regis, which runs as a regular camp site for the duration (with the greens roped off) and itself hosts a Fringe Festival.

Thorn Park, while very basic, is also incredibly relaxed and very reasonably priced at just £10 per night (£13 with EHU although this is limited).

There is a shower block and a separate toilet block but these are used by the whole site so there are queues at peak times.

A bus service runs to and from Sidmouth hourly or there is a beautiful coastal work that takes 20-30 minutes going down and 30-40 coming back up.

Alternatively you can drive into Sidmouth in 5-10 minutes although you then have the issue of parking. In the past we have parked at Sidmouth Cricket Club who charge £10 for the day and are perfectly situated at the far end of the sea front.

Once in Sidmouth there are stalls all along the promenade selling jewellery, juggling items, arts & crafts, face painting and many other things as well as several music and performance acts drawing crowds.

Heading away from the beach there are several pubs with live performances and open mic sessions and regular comic and circus performances in front of the town hall.

All this before even thinking about the line-up for the actual festival which runs in several marques around the town and in other venues, for which tickets are required.

On the final day (night) there is a procession and fireworks and everything turns back to normal until the next year.

We have a great time every year at Sidmouth, not only because of everything that is going on, but because we also meet up with lots of friends from all over and camp together at Thorn Park.

Sidmouth Folk Festival is unusual in as much as you don’t have to spend a fortune on tickets to be part of it, and is definitely worth a visit by anyone who enjoys unusual music.

This year we saw a guy playing Drum ‘n’ Bass on a didgeridoo, worth a visit just for that!

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